Erm..ok.. thats a bit morbid in a way

My grandparents finally moved house yesterday. They are settled and sorted just need to start work on the kitchen and they will be well and truely organised. 

It’s not that I want to write about though. 

When we were clearing the old house yesterday morning we found the old mattress that was used in the “kids” bed that was built when my Aunt Uncle and Cousin moved in to live with my Grandparents while they found their new house back in about 1998ish. 

Someone asked my Grandma whether they were taking the mattress with them or not. My Grandma’s response was words to the affect of “Well when I’m gone and Hannah has kids…..” Sorry Grandma but I don’t think you are going any time soon and even if we don’t have kids for another 5 years I am sure you are going to still be here organising us and keeping us in line. You’re only 70 and thats still young compared to some oldies. 

(Then again maybe it’s a mind game – she wants to be a Great-Grandma so she’s trying to “encourage” us to get a move on….)

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