I just nipped out in my lunch break to run some errands – like post Swap-Bot stuff and some eBay bits.

On my way back into work I followed a lad in he swiped his badge to open the door and I said thanks. He then didn’t realise I was behind him so he just walked through the next door but carried on walking – when he realised the door hadn’t close he turned round and spotted me and apologised for not holding the door open for me and said that he’s normally more of a gentleman! I was gobsmacked!

I abandoned my bits and went to the canteen to grab a sandwich, on my way in he was on his way so I opened the door for him and he was very polite and said thank you!

Again so many people just walk through the door and don’t say anything. Don’t know who he was but for someone to apologise for not holding the door open is fab!


  1. David says:

    Hey, you ought to try going round town with Steven in a wheelchair. the number of people too ignorant to hold doors open as we negotiate the narrow doorways etc around town, there is definatelly an age thing with this, the chance of someone holding doors opening or opening them reduces significantly the older they get!!
    Its usually the young lads with their hoodies on who will put themselves out and open a door for us!

  2. Jox says:

    that sort of thing makes your day!
    I have become more vocal with my ‘thank you’s’ recently cos I love the suprised look on peoples faces, lol

    I’ve just sent you a link on fb to some really cool music i think you might like, Jox

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