Exploring Denmark: Copenhagen Christmas Displays
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I love Christmas. I love the Christmas markets and watching the Christmas adverts but I also love looking at the Christmas decorations, either in the streets or in the shop windows. In the UK, I’d go to Oxford/Regent Street to see the decorations if I had opportunity to. Now I explore Copenhagen and see what’s about. Back in December, I was walking back to the bus stop after my Danish class and took the wrong route, but in turn stumbled upon these decorations. All the shops were getting ready with their Christmas displays and the Christmas Market at Højbro Plads was in full swing. (They already have their dates up for Christmas this year…. that’s organised!).

So why am I sharing these now? Well because I keep exploring and not writing up my adventures – what a bad blogger I am! I thought about it after walking past a hairdressers (Frisør) near where we live. Their Easter (påske) display consists of a variety of Easter themed candles including some little chickens.

Bering House of Flowers is an amazing florist based near my language school. They have these 3 big windows (actually there’s 5 but I missed the two around the corner!) that face onto the road and I stopped to take it all in. There was so much to see – I’m sure if I’d been back another time I’d have spotted something else.

We actually walked past this same shop around Valentines and the windows were all decorated with roses and other red things. I meant to walk past after my Danish class last week but I completely forgot until I was on the bus home! I’m sure a business like this, it’s a team effort to get the windows dressed for the season or celebration but I’m sure in some cases people use a retail design agency to get the help they need. When Rogan’s Books was still open in Bedford, Rachel and I had a whole chat about how we could make a fireplace to go with Christmas books or something along those lines. I loved being able to help with things like that even if they were just random suggestions.

If you love the idea of travelling to Copenhagen for the Christmas Markets, I suggest coming closer to the end of November as it will be fractionally less busy (I think!). I’d also suggest staying somewhere a bit further out of the city like Nørrebro or Bispebjerg as it will be fractionally cheaper than staying right in the centre. You will also find that there are a lot of good transport links either by Bus, S-Tog or Metro from those areas. (Google Maps is really handy or try the DOT app too)