Five Ways to Promote Your Blog
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As a blogger it’s easy to get caught up with creating new content but not always promoting it the way you should. Sometimes you need to take it back to basics and walk through the ABCs so to speak to make sure you’re promoting your blog in the best way.

1) Share your Blog Post on Social Media

I know for most bloggers it’s the first thing you do after your schedule your post. You head over to your social media platforms or dashboard, and get your post scheduled. But maybe take it back to basics once in a while, think about things like:

  • Where are you sharing your posts?
  • How are you sharing your posts? If it’s a recipe, are you sharing to Pinterest? If it’s photos, are you sharing to Instagram? Consider making the into a reel maybe?
  • When are you sharing your posts? Both the time of the day but also things like the time of the year – some posts might work in different seasons, whereas others might only work in the lead up to something specific like Christmas.

You might want to consider creating a social media content calendar so that you’re not posting lots in one week and then nothing in the next week. It also gives you an idea of what’s coming up and what you need to get done before the weekend or the end of the month. If you do this, consider including posts that drive traffic and promote your blog through those older posts.

2) Make Graphics To Accompany your Post

Another one o those slightly obvious ones but think about it – when you interact with social media posts – are you more likely to read just a text post or look at a pretty colourful picture or video?

I personally love to use Canva for creating my graphics, with their Pro Subscription Plan you can easily resize your graphics to fit the ideal dimensions of different platforms – which makes it easier to create one graphic and just adapt it rather than starting over each time. (If you want to give it a go, you can use my Canva Affiliates link here to get a 30 day free trial of the Pro Subscription).

3) Re-Purpose your Content

This could have two angles. First, if you have content that relates to a specific season or event, consider rewriting it or adapting it for the following year – maybe something didn’t work last year and in your own plans your changing it this year.

Maybe you can turn your blog post in something else – like an infographic, video or something else. If you’re talking about something like your cleaning routine, maybe a printable checklist might be handy for instance.

4) SEO!

Work your way back through your old content – make sure your SEO is doing the best for your content. As you create new content make sure you’re doing it as you go. I love using Yoast or All-in-SEO plugins on WordPress to get my blog posts to work the best for me. Sometimes they need tweaking to get those good marks out of 100 but it’s definitely worth it for sure!

If you have time, read up about good/bad practices too to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your website.

5) Build Links to Your Website

Not just linking to external websites but make sure you’re linking to related posts on your own blog. Maybe you have a whole series about Easter or Christmas, well reduce those steps for your reader and include a link! (I use Link Whisper to help with this – sometimes it’s doesn’t work but sometimes it has great suggested that I’d forgotten were even there)

And then, maybe you want to get your own theme or need some guidance about where to go next. You could think about working with a web design agency to get you to that next step.