February 1 – Review – January 2014

Review 2012
Speak Love by Annie F. Downs
The Five Teenage Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke

The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug
Happy Endings
Into The Wild
A Slightly Pregnant Man (French film I was given for Christmas)
Never Let Me Go
101 Dalmatians
102 Dalmatians
The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants
27 Dresses
Loch Ness
The Blind Side
Sweet Home Alabama
Something’s Gotta Give
The Girl with The Pearl Earring
Green Lantern

Downton Abbey (Season Four and Christmas Special 2013)
Silent Witness
Don’t Look Down (documentary I watched to make sure it was okay for Our Sidekick to watch)
Who Do You Think You Are USA

The Month in Bullets
We started the month by going over to see Chris’s Auntie and her lodger/housemate aka Chris’s Second Aunt.

Was given like 5 or 6 carrier bags of baby clothes. I’d been looking at baby grobags as my friend used them for her daughters and they’ve always seemed like a good idea. The best way I can describe it is a sleeping bag but with dungaree straps so because it’s a set size and has those straps you don’t have all that spare fabric to get tangled in. I opened one of the bags and there were three second hand grobags (or along the lines even if not an official one!) and a brand new one. The brand new one is bright pink so might not work for us but a friend of mine is due weeks before me so her little one might use it instead.

Chris and I started the Parenting Teenagers Course that church is running, it’s written by the same people who wrote the Alpha Course and The Marriage Course. So far it’s been really good and interesting.

My mum and I went for a girlie day – I think it was supposed to just be the morning but because of how big MK shopping centre is and the fact that we couldn’t find what we were looking for it took longer. I over tired myself and when I got home I slept for 45 minutes! Oops not good.

While we were out we looked at patterns for baby blankets and maternity trousers. I have a plan for a baby blanket and at the moment I think it’s going to be the most unique baby blanket ever lol. My mum has sent me off with a mission to get some fabric for the maternity pattern that she ordered off the web having had a look in a famous department store.

She also ordered some bits that I had half thought about but one set of bits that I hadn’t even considered. I’m so blessed to have my Mum around to come up with the bits that I’ve missed or not considered.

At work I won the joint Buzz of the month which was really exciting. I also achieved my Excel 2010 Advanced certificate and my Outlook 2010. I’ll be sure to add them to my CV just in case (and possibly make sure I print off colour copies for the future!)

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