February 5: Dear Blueberry – 19 Weeks


Dear Little Blueberry,

One app tells me you’re about the size of an heirloom tomato and another says you’re the size of a Mango. All I know is you’re about 300g which is kind of impressive but also sounds really small – that is small but special.

(Honorary) Aunty Kewey and I were talking about my day because it wasn’t so good. Clearly you were sort of there and so might have caught some of it. She was worried about me but she ended one of her messages with “Please don’t overcook yourself Hannie. if your body is saying nap then nap! Everyone will understand. You and blueberry are very precious.” She has this way of knowing what I need to hear when I need to hear it even though she lives what seems forever away.

I think if you had pants then today there were most definitely ants in those pants lol. I think you had/have a fidget on good and proper but you’re still a little little to proper poke. Hopefully I will get the hang of it and will know what you’re movements feel like. I get this feeling just below my belly button like a pulse but it’s too irregular to be my heart or something like that – I think it’s you telling me you’re there.

I haven’t taken a bump picture yet but am going to ask your Grandma to take it for me when I see her tomorrow.

At the parenting course earlier we were talking about Love Languages and I kept wondering what would be yours – would you snuggle up to me when you wanted to feel loved or would you want me to tell you how good you’d done something? I guess we will see – all in good time.

Anyway it’s time for me to sleep otherwise you and me will be too tired to face tomorrow and all that holds.

I love you baby bump. Good Night.

Mumma xx