February 12: Dear Blueberry – 20 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

This week you definitely had the fidgets on. I could tell you were moving around but there weren’t any definite kicks or at least not any that hurt me. On Friday, Our Sidekick and I were watching the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. I was sat on the sofa and he was snuggled next to me. He said to me “Did baby just kick you?” And I said “I couldn’t tell, why did baby kick you in the head?” He said “No! Baby kicked me in the ear!”

I told Kewey and Becca all about it. Becca said “That is too cute! Blueberry just wanted to let big bro have some love.”

Having been such a fidget earlier in the week on Sunday when you barely moved (or at least not movements I could feel) I started to get worried. I didn’t feel ill so I didn’t think it was too serious but you weren’t moving and it was scaring me. I googled for advice to start with the first message board I was on the advice was “baby has probably just moved and so kicking in a different direction, if you’re really worried seek help.” Okay I figured I’d sit down through the service as I tend to feel the kicks and movement more while sitting down. Nothing happened during the service – or nothing I could properly distinguish but then during the lunch to say goodbye to a church friend I got an almighty kick in the side. I think once I had food in my tummy you got excited. I hope you take after Chris is that you can pack away the food but you burn it off just as quick unlike me who has to be sensible lol.

I sat watching Grand Designs and you were kicking away – maybe you’ll be like Daddy and Me and really like dreaming about new houses or what we’d do on our “Grand Designs” house.


I get to see you on the screen again next week and I’m so excited!!

Love you lots little one.

Mummy x

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