February 10: February Goals


Technically it’s the 10th February which means a good third of the month has already gone.

I decided that I needed to be a bit more organised if I could manage it (especially as this morning the house is really cold – you can tell no one is normally at home at 10:30 during the day).

So the goals for February are:

  • Finish the Tetris Blanket for Chris (aiming for Valentine’s but we’ll see if that happens!)
  • Maintain weight. Having started Slimming World in August and then finding at the end of October that was I was expecting Blueberry, I’ve been trying to maintain my weight, it has fluctuated a bit along the way but it still within about 5lbs of the starting point and I think had it been more my Slimming World Consultant who would be having a word with me.
  • Finish Speak Love and the other books that I’ve started so far in 2014 (I think I’m already on 3!)
  • Get blog organised. With a chunk of stuff including getting ready for a baby, the next few months need to be organised where I can!

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