February 20: Field Trip to Cambridge

I had meant to write this on my way back from Cambridge on Thursday but then I ended up driving us home and it was all a bit crazy as I jumped from one thing to the next. So didn’t get there in the end.

Chris and I headed over to Cambridge to spend the day together. Chris had been surfing on the internet to see what we could do. He knows that I love ancient history (as much as I love modern history!) So when he came across the Museum of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Classics, he knew for sure that it would be right up my street. It’s near Newnham College but if you didn’t know it was there you could miss it (especially if you mistime it and catch a change of lecture time like I think we did!). We parked the car near Coe Fen (Fen Causeway runs right through the middle of it) and we headed for the museum, while we were parking my phone started ringing and it was Our Sidekick asking a bunch of questions, we switched it to FaceTime so that he could join us for part of the adventure. It started to rain so I was trying to keep it level while not getting rain all over my phone lol.

The museum was really interesting and was crammed full to bursting with statues and casts of famous statues. I kept telling Chris about how this one in front of us was related to the one over there via this one over here – I think he was either really bored or excited that I was excited.

We headed for lunch at the Rainbow Cafe which is on the parade of shops opposite King’s College, this was another of Chris’s internet discoveries. The menu was vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friendly. Chris had said it was gluten free and vegetarian friendly so I thought I could at least get egg on toast or something like that. When we got there it was really lovely. It’s in the basement of one of the shop fronts, you go along the side of one of the buildings and in through what would be a back door for the ground floor. You go downstairs and there you are in this little cafe. It is really small so you would struggle with a buggy, so if we went back with Blueberry, I’d make sure that s/he was in a carrier – then again I don’t always do stairs that well so I might make sure that Chris was carrying at that point. Anyway, we found a table and got comfy, I had Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese and Chris had a potato bake thing. It was strange going out for dinner and Chris being able to order direct from the menu rather than having to take out all the “glutened” parts. He also asked very nicely if he could have pudding given that like 90% was gluten free. I said he could and I ended up having vegan soya ice cream – and oh my word it was lovely. Part of me expected that it would taste rubbish because of the fact it was vegan and made from soya but it tasted amazing!!

Found a mummy. #fitzwilliammuseum

Following lunch we went to Paperchase (I needed my fix okay??? If they ever opened one in Bedford I’d be so poor!) and then headed to the Fitzwilliam Museum. By this point I was beginning to feel it and really needed to sit down – why do museums rarely ever have chairs or if they do they are miles away from anything! I found a wall to prop myself against near this mummy, I think if I wasn’t flagging I would have found it more interesting. I did however find the coptic jars for one of the mummies and so sent a picture to Our Sidekick (by this point he was super annoyed at Chris and I and so contact was restricted to required contact lol).

We headed back to the car and then back towards Bedford but it seemed like everyone else had, had the same idea because the traffic was horrible on the way home. It got to the point where Chris had to drop me off at SW straight away and thankfully my Mum was able to take me to Embroider’s Guild. Normally it would have been the Monster Yarns Knitting Group at Peniseri but because Judit was talking at EG, Mum, two of our friends and I went to Embroider’s Guild to cheer Judit on. As we often say, Judit has a passion and gets us all so excited about knitting, crocheting and what we can create.

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