{Fill In The Blanks: 20th May}

Fill In The Blanks - 19th May

{one} People always tell me I look like my Mum or my cousin Tori. No one famous lol.

{two} Friends don’t let friends walk home along late at night. I’d rather drive out my way to make sure my friend gets home safely then leave them to walk home alone.

{three} A sunny day is perfect for BBQs or hanging out on the trampoline! Then again we need sunshine on Monday when we go punting in Cambridge.

{four} My favorite accessory is my phone lol. Kidding. I guess it’s probably the current reading book that I’m on – I read it while I eat my lunch. I read between the office and the car (I mastered the art of holding it and then watching where I’m going using peripheral vision lol. My colleagues probably think I’m nuts)

{five} If I could afford it I would quit my job and travel for a bit. Okay maybe that wouldn’t work so well. Maybe I take two weeks of my holiday and go somewhere completely different to normal. Would two weeks be enough time to go to Australia.

{six} The cure for boredom is reading, watch a movie or play music – that’s what I do when I’m bored lol.

{seven} I am currently “in like” with clothes from the charity shop. I try and take some in once in a while to help out and occasionally I purchase some – there’s a charity shop on Castle Road near church that always has fab bits in it – whereas the one in town is really sucky.

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