{Fill in The Blanks Friday}

Prompts from The Little Things We Do.

1. The last thing I ate was Coronation Chicken and Sweetcorn sandwich for lunch I think then again it could have been Polos.

2. The next thing I’d like to eat is my tea please? I think it’ll be Fish and Chips because it’s Fish and Chips Friday at Rickie’s. First I have to catch my train to Birmingham and remember to get off at the right stop (especially as I might see if I can get off one early and go for a wander round the Bullring)

3. The best things come to those who wait – it’s cheesy I know but how many times does something get better if you just wait (or wait out the bad stuff).

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is hanging out with friends and going on adventures – I think I get worried about the adventures and then I’m fine – like today I was really worried this morning that I had forgotten something – I think my actually forgotten feeling was to do with not taking my chipped nail varnish off my fingers but I can sort that when I get to Birmingham so that’s all good and I think I’m chilled again now.

5. Sports are okay but not my favourite. I’m half following the Tennis at the moment because it would be really good to see Murray get to the Men’s Final. I was about to write how it would be really good if Laura Robson beat Sharapova but it turns out she lost. On the other hand it’s like Laura’s first or second time in the actual Women’s competition rather than the Juniors competiton so to play on Centre Court against a previous champion deserves a hi-five anyway!

6. I miss Kewey! I saw LB and Serena on Monday but haven’t seen Kewey since I popped in on the way back from Stockport at the end of April. Miss her loads!

7.Right now I am in the car with my Mum. She’s taking me to MK so I can catch the train. I could have got the bus but there would have been no guarantee whether I’d be able to catch my train in time.

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