{Travel Thursday: No 6}

Travel Thursday

Your Most Enjoyable Journey

This is a hard one – there’s Turkey because it was the first time I went on a plan, Amsterdam because of the epic train trip right through the Dutch countryside or Corcieux/Strasbourg because between me and Chris we drove all the way and all the way back (and not the most direct route because it was cheaper than toll roads!).
Well actually Corceiux/Strasbourg would have been better had it not been for the near accident outside the ferry terminal – we were still getting used to French roads lol.
Okay so I’m not really sure which would have been most enjoyable out of the three so I’ll doa little blurb of each. (I can change the rules right?)


Well I was excited before I’d even left the house to go to the airport – I was 19 and had never been on a plane (my family always went away to a cottage or in our caravan growing up – my friends went to Spain or France – we went to Wales or Yorkshire or somewhere with a campsite lol.). It was my first proper without parents trip. Okay I’d been away with school in the past and was going with my Aunt and friends from church but there was something about it that made it my proper without parent’s trip. We headed off from Bedford about 4am and caught our plane from Heathrow; I have strange pictures taken from the gangway and out of the window including random ones of clouds and the wing of the plane – I was too excited to take proper pictures! Lol.


I keep talking about Amsterdam but it’s one of the most recent holidays I’ve had lol. We got the ferry from Harwich in the UK to Hoek Van Holland. We then caught the train from there across to Amsterdam -I think our return journey came via Rotterdam and we had to change trains but the going journey was a straight run. It was lovely to see the Dutch countryside and try to spot Windmills and things like that.


So Corcieux, I think it was 2005 or 2006 that me, Chris and his sister went camping in Corcieux which is down the road from Strasbourg. It was one of the first times I went away with Chris and so it had novelty value lol. We had gone in May so it was still early in the season. We were quite near the Germany border and the guy who was in charge of the campside told as that over the border at the same altitude in Germany there was snow -which was funny because the night before I’d had a whole dream about waking up to inches of snow outside on the ground.

It was the first time that I drove on the continent. Chris drove off the ferry and the first leg, as we came out of the ferry terminal we went to turn right but Chris was slightly distracted and nearly pulled out in front of a car because of it being on the other side of the road and things like that. We then went to a store and I asked in my (broken) attempt at French if there was a petrol station near by. The french lady was really grumpy and rude. We headed from Calais northwards towards Dunkirk and then on to the Belgium border.

It was an epic car trip but was so much fun once I had the hang of continental roads. The scariest bit was on the autobahn but it was okay in the end.

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