First Day well Morning

So today is my first official as (voluntary) Temp Admin for the church. So why am I blogging about it? I wanted to share with you while I could lol. Currently only a small number of people know that the church office is now officially manned on a Friday rather than the voicemail (I can’t say annoying as Chris did the message lol). So I am here at my office desk watching Mum’s walk back from dropping their kids off round the corner at the local school. The sun is shining and all I can smell is furniture polish or toilet cleaner as the cleaning lady has just been in.

Chris keeps hovering – I think he is concerned I don’t have enough to do or something. I am managing to find things to do between phonecalls (well ok I have only had two so far one from the Pastor a.k.a The Gibb and one from a Lady who is borrowing the Mini Bus this afternoon).

Anyhoo I am going to work and look important lol.

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