Chris went to a meeting yesterday – it was all the Youth Leaders from around the county. So there was Haywood who is at Woodside Church, Liz at Bromham Baptist and various others.

Anyway Chris was talking about how the fact that we house share with the church office – which can be kinda annoying. I was sat working and a lady got out of a van across the street with a clipboard and this amazing bunch of flowers – I thought ooh they are nice, then saw her cross over the road towards our house and thought ok thats strange – THEN THE DOORBELL RANG!!!!! The bunch of flowers were for me and Chris from Liz the Youth Worker at Bromham. How cool is that! I then phoned her to say Thank You and left a seriously garbled message on her answerphone – so hoping it makes some kind of sense lol. Trying to decide whether to email the church office and ask for e-mail address just to leave a clearer message that might make sense.  (Chris caught me a few minutes ago singing along to my mp3 player (ipod died and so I am having to use my phone!) and staring at the flowers – he stood laughing at me how rude!!!) Right must do work!

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