Monday – Can I go HOME? NOW????

So last week my Manager (HT) was on holiday, so between me and my other coleague we were covering HT’s work. She was supposed to be back today but she caught a bug on the flight back from Italy (apparently everyone on the plane went down with this fluey cold thing) so she’s got today and tomorrow off as sick. I’m working to get as many orders done before i leave for the day but i am kinda behind. I was handling it and was ok till I got some idiot customer call up and give me a full blown earful!

I tried to explain that I had been very busy and that i was waiting on a response from The Queen of Knowledge in the US (who had been in the office less than 2 hours when he was on the phone) but he didnt want none of it and i lost it – asked him to excuse me while I pulled myself together took a deep breathe fought my corner and finished the call and then have just tried to get him a response while i feel like getting up and going home.

I’ve had a bit of a cry but can’t let rip properly because The Big Cheif is here so I just shed a few tears and am now talking about films to Chatty Ali so that’s not so bad – Happy Go Lucky is topic of conversation!

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