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Found Here and There

Sculptures dressed as Hipsters, both Chris and my friend Hazel shared this on their FB pages today. I spotted it earlier and thought I’d share. I did think that you kind of needed either a before/after version or the name of the statue so you could go look for the before shot elsewhere, either way I liked it.

Classical Sculptures Dressed as Hipsters

Hazel also shared how Debenhams are spearheading a campaign to not retouch model photo shoots for catalogues and advertisements. Debenhams have now called on other High Street retailers to ditch those airbrushed images too. They aren’t ditching them completely (So those stray hairs can be cut out but not thinning thighs and things like that). You can read more¬†here. A spokesperson said:¬†

‘We want other retailers to follow suit and encourage positive body-image through minimal retouching rather than bombarding them with unattainable body images,’

I know each culture has different traditions but this is an interesting one, while we’re busy trying to stop our kids crying. In Japan they have a whole ceremony where a mother hands over her baby to a sumo wrestler who tries to make said baby cry, the winner is the one who makes baby cry first (They usually doing it by scaring the baby and they aren’t allowed to cause pain to the babies).

Chrsitian Nightlife Initiative Network who run the Street Angels project in a number of towns including Bedford, have recently expanded and now have a group in Santa Ponca, Majorca. When the Bedford group started, I went out on duty with them a couple of times, sometimes it’s just a matter of standing across the road and praying to calm disturbances and things like that and other times it’s being hands on, maybe giving first aid until a paramedic arrives or handing out flip flops to girlies who can’t wear their killer high heels home because they are hurting their feet or causing them other issues. You can read more here.

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