this weekend i…#twi

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.
This Weekend I… swear I haven’t really stopped – well until my epic 12 hour sleep on Sunday night.

This Weekend I… started Saturday by running errands and getting my Dad’s Father’s Day bits sorted out. I got Dad a t-shirt that says “The Original Super Dad”, a mug that says something like “My Dad’s my hero”  and a bar of Ginger chocolate. (I then found the chilli chocolate on Sunday that I had meant to get him on Saturday).

This Weekend I… then went to serve dinner at the Old Folks Home. Love my oldies – they are so funny – after winding each other up something mad last week they were so quiet this week. One of the ladies got in a muddle and was sure that her lunch had been ordered for her and then it wasn’t on my list, thankfully we had spare so could share that out.

This Weekend I… jumped in the car and headed for my Mum’s via the shop for some wrapping paper. When I got there I wrapped my Dad’s Father’s Day presents while sat in my Mum’s Office which I then delivered downstairs and lined them up along the sofa.

This Weekend I… I then came home and waited for Our Sidekick to arrive home from his Mum’s wedding/contact. He’d had to dress up really smart and he looked really fab in his new shirt, suit, tie and shiny new shoes. I was really excited and asked about twenty questions when he got in, I think he didn’t expect me to be that interested or be excited about it (erm It’s a wedding and I’m a girl – I’m always interested lol!)

This Weekend I… carried on with my current crochet project – I’m getting there but had a slight change of pattern but it’s good – no extra work for it lol.

This Weekend We… did Race For Life again. This is the 4th Year (or might be 5th?!?) that me and Mum have done the race. We walk most of the way. This year I got to the 4k mark and tried to run what I could of the rest of the race. I probably did about 400/500m then had to walk a little more but then ran the rest of the way and crossed the finish line around 58 minutes, Mum came in at 1 hour and 3 minutes so she wasn’t that far behind me.

Mum and I at Race for Life

This Weekend We… were invited to our friend’s house for dinner again. It’s pretty much open house so people kind of come and go all afternoon. I went out to the rehearsal and then came back a bit later.

This Weekend We… had another rehearsal for Dr Watson’s Elementary School. The performance is two weekends away so we’ve had a couple of extra rehearsals slotted in to make sure we’re all ready for the performance.

This Weekend I… had an epic twelve hour sleep. By the end of the rehearsal I wasn’t really happy, my head was starting to hurt and even though I was drinking buckets of water it wasn’t clearing my head. At one point I was curled up on the sofa chatting to my friend, I hope he understood what I was saying because I was kind of dozing and probably not making that much sense! In the end we came home, I completed my time sheet as I had forgotten to do it on Friday when I got home from work, went straight to bed and minus 3 wake ups I slept through to this morning – It was an epic sleep and definitely prepared me for the exercise session with my friend Dwayne this afternoon (more to follow on another post – although currently I’m running out of time on my self/Dwayne imposed sleep/exercise/food routine that I will not give up on straight away!)