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As I have been on my own for the last hour or so I have been working my way through some of the posts I have on my RSS Reader.

Funky Link 1

Melinda at Miss Geeky posted this video today it’s entitled Hirsute – A Time Travel Story – it’s definately worth the 13 minutes so park yourself and watch it. There are PG/12 moments in it but other than that it’s okay.

Funky Link 2

This is more of an image rather than a link. I went and commented on Angelika’s latest post and I scrolled to the bottom to drop an Entrecard while i was there and spotted this. Today my blog is advertised 😀

Funky Link 3

Miss Geeky again! Another post she posted today was the I Am A Geek video. It would seem that I didn’t post it when I found it earlier in the week but go watch it here on her blog and send some comment love because it’s a cool video! You can also find it on YouTube where I posted a video response.

Following this can I have one of these t-shirts:
I am a geek

Funky Link 4

Jess aka Gecko blogs as GeckoMusings. I love her blog and this was her post today. Take the time to think over it.

Funky Link 5

I got to link 5 and I’ve just kinda flopped on the interest. Miss Geeky has plenty of funky posts and I could repost links to like every post on her blog but that would be kinda annoying for you guys and she’d be doing the work and I’d just be linking which isn’t fair. So go visit her blog and shower her with comment love.

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