Is it strange?

When I was at university I had a job as a PA it was for just over two months. There were some issues between me and my manager. She wanted me to work her way even though it meant that I wasn’t completing the tasks she put before me. There were also things like the fact that we didn’t see eye to eye over what was expected of me. Also I ended up working for one side of her business and I wanted to be working the other side.

Recently she joined Twitter as another form of advertising her business I guess, I’ve been sat here reading my book and watching the Tweets roll in during my break. One of her tweets appeared so I replied with info about putting @ in front of usernames to get links and stuff. I probably won’t get thanks or anything but just wanted to kinda throw this idea out there. Is it weird that I helped her even though she’s my ex-boss and she sacked me like 4 years ago?

Han over and out


  1. Clanravencub says:

    I don’t think so, I would be very much the same, why not help someone rather than not? 🙂 It is always nice to see though.

    On a bit of a tangent. Its a lot of that kinda behaviour, helping out where its not asked, that has a lot of the web, twitter including what it is.

    I have a my friend of mine that struggles to understand the web, people will never do you any favours unless there is something worth while for them! He is a really good business man but his stuff online struggles because he doesn’t get it.

    I’m a romantic and an optimist and I like to think that when people, most people, have the chance to help out they will and enjoy the altruistic glow after. Online we don’t get torn ashred for it so often as at times we would in uni or work for example.

  2. marineko says:

    Hi Hannah! I think it’s nice of you to share info with her!

    About the zine, I also replied on my blog but just in case 😀 –

    I usually accept trades when sending my zine overseas – I think it’s more fun! Email me at yureichan(at)gmail and we’ll exchange addresses! (You could send me a couple of postcards or stickers or a mix-cd or anything you think is nice!)

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