A to Z of Date Nights: G is for Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A to Z of Date Nights

G is for GBK/Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burget Kitchen like Wagamama, recently arrived in Bedford when Riverside North opened a few weeks ago. I’ve been a handful of times to the GBK in Milton Keynes but it’s not usually somewhere that I would pick to eat.

We parked the car over at the electric charging point at Bedford College. That definitely seems to be our go-to parking space and it’s walking distance to Riverside North for the restaurant. This branch of GBK is right next door to the Vue cinema so would be a great stop for dinner before going to see a film.

On our arrival, we were seated pretty promptly and were given a choice of where to sit. We picked a table that was actually probably too big for just the two of us but it was nicer than being squished around a smaller table.

Chris asked for a gluten free menu and the waitress was on it. She took away the normal menu and reappeared very quickly with a gluten-free menu which was great.

Once we had chosen what we were having, Chris went to order. He noticed while he was at the counter that there was a selfie competition. We took this one first, then he decided that it wasn’t fun enough and we needed another – hence the second one a bit later in the post.


I would nearly always go for a diet cola or lemonade while we’re out for dinner but this time I picked Strawberry and Elderflower and Chris had Rhubarb and Vanilla (which tasted like Rhubard and Custard sweets – YUM!)


When our dinner arrived we both were surprised at quite how many chips I had – in the end, I shared them with Chris as there were just too many! I had the Bacon Pesterella Chicken Burger which is bacon, mozzarella, basil pesto and basil mayo. It was pretty much cheese and bacon with a dollop of pesto on top for good measure.

I thought I’d made a note of what Chris had but now I can’t remember. I think he was having a beef burger with cheese and bacon but I’m not sure of the actual one on the menu.

This was the new selfie when the food arrived. This was our “Oh my goodness roll me back to the car” face!

We had a lovely time and the staff at GBK are super lovely and friendly. The food was yummy and I would definitely go back again.

Our Community Group has started back now following the Summer Break but date night is still happening. With continuing help from Our Sidekick’s babysitting services. We have been able to make sure we have a proper date night.  I jokingly said that we needed to try and do an A to Z of Date Nights. Of course, with Chris being the kind of guy who doesn’t want to turn down a challenge. He accepted my slightly crazy idea.