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With a wedding and holiday club between this week’s weigh in and last week I knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty picture. I was hoping that running around like a headless chook for most of the week would help to make a difference but in the end it didn’t. Between finishing work at 5 and then doing holiday club until 9 I ended up eating really late (one night it was 11pm) the problem with eating that late is that your body doesn’t have time to burn the energy off that you’ve just put it in it.

I went to my weigh in yesterday and it wasn’t very good. I had only lost half a pound, in comparison to the week before it was a small loss but I’m told it could be that its a small loss this week and then a big one could come next week maybe (well the week after as I can’t make it).

My ongoing favourite optimised food is jacket potato and beans – on Slimming World they are both free foods. Yummy!


  1. Angie King says:

    Hannah, I have just found out about overnight oats – 35g of oats mixed with a muller light and put in fridge overnight. In the morning you can eat as is or mix in 2 beaten eggs and make pancakes 🙂 I have put mine with a banana and custard yog and some cinnamon, for pancakes hopefully x

    • Hannah says:

      Yay! Pancakes might be possible after all! I made gluten free pancakes for Chris and then proper pancakes for Our Sidekick on Chris’s birthday the other week and had a tiny bit of Our Sidekick’s pancake as I couldn’t really have any more than that. It was lethal as it made me miss them more lol.

      I had saw that Emma H had posted about them on Facebook but I hadn’t realised what the purpose was of the oats and yogurt. Will have to try it when I have some more yogurts in. My current breakfast is a HiFi bar, a muller light yoghurt and a banana. Mainly because all of them can be eaten at my desk once I’m with it enough to figure out that its breakfast time.

  2. Becca says:

    Down is down is down! “Just” half a pound is actually not just anything. Go pick up half a pound of sugar, or flour or something. It’s not nothing!

    • Hannah says:

      Down is down is down is a good one 🙂 I think I’m so used to measuring in kilos that pounds and stones (or rocks and pebbles as I keep calling it lol) takes a lot of figuring out especially as its not Base 10 like kilos lol.

      This week should be a little easier to try and keep in line and I think there will be more exercise rather than sitting in front of a computer. Thankfully the chap I sit next to at work is working towards a 5k for the NSPCC in November, and the lady who we sit opposite is also on a health kick so between us we keep each other in line – today we shared a fruit pot which was really lovely.

  3. ianbraisby says:

    Tip that a nutrition expert friend of mine told me when you say things like “only half a pound” is to actually have a box with half pound or one pound weights of some product (sugar etc.) and feel it getting heavier, bit by bit. Then remember you were previously walking round doing everything you do day to day carrying it with you. Shows you what you’re really achieving and stops you thinking of any weight loss as “only x amount”.

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