getting healthy pt 2

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I think its actually part 3 of getting healthy posts if you include my letter to Chris. This is a high speed post as I walk to work so hopefully it makes sense. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know that yesterday didn’t exactly go to plan. I think I might have to stop planning life and just go with the flow. Either way it meant I didn’t really have chance to write a proper post.

Yesterday I moved group – it turned out a friend of mine had signed up the same week as me so it made sense to go to the same group and encourage each other along.

I had my first proper weigh in yesterday I thought I was going to be closer to 5 pounds lost but it was 4 in the end. Which isn’t a problem. It means I’m 3 pounds off my half stone which I’m aiming for next week. That sticker will be mine lol.

How are you all doing on your goals to lose weight or just get healthy? Let me know maybe we can encourage each other along.


  1. ianbraisby says:

    Well done you! I’ve had a bit of a “break” in my weight loss, not really put any back on but not lost any in recent weeks. But still, 3 stone lost since January is not bad, and I’m about to crack on with another 2 stone.

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Ian

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – I had meant to and then life went nuts again! Well done you with the 3 stone lost and the 2 to go! Next time I see you you’ll look completely different to when I last saw you (can you believe that was like two years ago!!)

      Had a not so good this week but as my friend says its all in the right direction! Here we go!

  2. Angie King says:

    I am re- joining SW next Tues, a friend goes to a group at St Marks during the day. It works, don’t know why I stopped going after getting to my target 😉 You have got off to a great start, well done x

    • Hannah says:

      Have just replied in the wrong order! I started trying to get a bit more in shape in the middle of June but as my friend who was helping me exercise is heading home (back to Barbados!) I was looking for an alternative. A couple of friends had had good results with Slimming World so I’m giving it a go. I definitely feel better for cutting out all the bread I used to eat – it never occurred to me how much rubbish it has in it and how much rubbish I was putting in my body. By “re-educating” myself about what to eat I’m snacking less or at least snacking on fruit or veggies instead of chocolate or crisps or something like that.

      I’d always been reluctant to join something like Weight Watchers or Slimming World – I guess I had a preconception that it would be like the Little Britain sketch where Matt Lucas’s character is really horrible and mean to everyone even when they did really well. Thankfully my SW consultant lady is lovely and I’ve only met her twice so far (Kim at Bedford Athletic was also lovely, with a couple of friends going to Castle Lower I decided to move group – it’ll also work better when it comes to doing that then WI in September.

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