Goals for 2015 – Finance


My two main goals when it came to the finance section of my Goals for 2015 were to (1) Save up for a new MacBook and (2) General save (rainy day sort of saving).

After discussing the first with Chris and how it relates to me starting Daisy Media, we came up with a couple of plans. The final of which is the one that’s happening as we speak. He purchased his MacBook about 6-8 months after me which meant that it’s a slightly newer spec than my white MacBook. It also means that it’ll still run OS X Yosemite which is the newest OS that came out towards the end of last year. If he need to use a computer he heads for his iMac (which I have been using while he’s at work) rather than his MacBook.

So in the plan I end up adopting his MacBook, clearing it and starting from scratch – I got as far as the clearing it and starting from scratch but since about lunchtime OS X Yosemite has been downloading. It’s so almost there – 0.04GB to go so very close to installing.

That means I’ve sort of completed Goal 1 and am heading for Goal 2.