hannah’s job search – part three


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I hadn’t planned to blog each day with a change and yet things keep changing just as quick as I can write about them.

Yesterday evening I had a call from Joy who runs the bookshop asking if I could come in a different day to do training and this morning was an option – I didn’t have anything planned so this made sense.

I had had a runny nose most of yesterday but put it down to the fact that it was kinda cold and I was going in and out of warm buildings into the not so warm air outside. Well I woke up this morning and was getting stuffy, it wasn’t a good start to the day at all.

I headed to the bookshop for 9:30 and made sure I was early (first day at “work” and all). I got taught how to use the till and a quick guided tour. I served a couple of customers and took a few calls. The calls were a little scary as I wasn’t really sure of how to check for the books or what was the procedures but I got there in the end and was able to sort it out.

After that I headed home, I had to collect some bits and take them back to The Fountain for Chris. I was due to collect JD from work at 1ish and it was only about 12.15ish. I parked round the corner and ate my scone that I’d bought from The Fountain and read.

Reading in the car. Waiting for @theonlyjld

We popped to the supermarket to get some lunch then came home. We hung out and watched New Girl then had a Studio Ghibli fest. We watched Ponyo followed by Spirited Away. After that we played xBox with Our Sidekick.

While we were hanging out I had a call from my Mum about a temp job that was going if I wanted it (yes please!). I called my Mum’s friend and organised the details. It’s a couple of hours a day for a week or two but its something and in the rest of the time I can look for ther jobs and things like that. I’ve also got a second temp job which is a couple of hours a week doing social media bits for a friend. Between those two and the volunteering at the bookshop I think I can show that I’m not sitting around wasting my time.

This evening, Connect a group met at our house and we all watched Skyfall, in the end there were fifteen people sat in my living room – I swear any more and we would have needed to open the garden doors!

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