hannah’s job search – part two


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Yesterday evening I went to the cinema with JD, as we drove back home we were talking about work and (unintentionally) came up with a plan for me.

First thing in the morning I’d get up and go into town and work my way through the agencies, at 11am I’d go to the appointment I already had booked, I’d do my other bits, take Our Sidekick to the dentist and then do what was needed following that (including catching up on the TV that my Mum has had recorded at her house for me).

Okay so this was the plan but it didn’t quite go that way, I got home and showered so that I was able to dress in my best interview wear and head into town. However when I got into bed and tried to sleep it wasn’t happening, I think my brain just kept ticking over all the things I needed to and remember like smile, be confident, let them see the Hannah I am when I’m not in an interview setting and nervously quaking in my shoes! I finally dropped off eventually as next thing I remember was waking up this morning with Chris standing over the bed as he got dressed.

I woke up and came to. I realised that my original plan wasn’t going to work so I made a Plan B. This started with me hanging out in bed and doing social media bits. I replied to some comments and posted a couple of new statuses both on my accounts and some others.

I got out of bed, got dressed in my smart outfit (new turquoise top and black trousers) and went to Mum’s to use her printer. It was only as I was loading it I realised that a bunch of it didn’t make sense…… how many did I send out the other weekend – issues!!.

I spent the next two hours ish tweaking the wording so that it did make sense. Then the format went funky. So what should have been a quick job turned into an even longer job – great! I got it all amended and printed it off. I headed over to an office in Brickhill for my appointment with the first agency. I had to fill in a form to sign up and then have a chat about he job I was looking for and things like that. I headed into town to work my way round the other agencies. It’s funny how some make you feel really welcome and others make you feel like a nuisance.

Following the many visits, I headed to Mum’s to catch up on the TV she’d recorded for me, the plan was also to fill in job applications but instead I ended up doing an IT Assessment and typing test for one of the agencies. Was quite impressed that my copy typing speed is about 70 words per minute. I thought it was less than that but clearly not. As well as this I popped into The Word Christian Bookshop to see if the owner needs any volunteers. She wasn’t in but I left my details so she could call me.

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