Hannah’s Slimming World Report: Week 2

Today was my weigh in at Slimming World. Here’s my progress:

Hannah's Slimming World Report

Yesterday I went clothes shopping. Just for a couple of t-shirts and maybe a new jumper as my shirts seem to be shrinking or if they seem big enough they start riding up. I popped into Next to see if I could find a new pair of jeans. This was on the off chance there were some jeans in the sale rail – when I got there I was struggling to get the buggy between the racks to get to the sale rail so in the end I gave up.

Two Sizes Bigger!

I went to Primark with the intention of getting a couple of cheap t-shirts. I already know that I have to buy between one and two sizes bigger purely on the way that Primark T-Shirts fit. There seemed to be a distinct lack of bigger sizes so in the end I headed downstairs and bought 4 guys shirts (And even they were L and XL so that they fitted. I also got two jumpers and again I was looking at a Man’s XL or XXL for them to fit.

Time to Weigh in at Slimming World

Anyway, today I went to weigh in at group, I thought I might have lost a little bit but actually I hadn’t I ended up maintaining. It was a little disappointing but it’s better than putting on especially given the last few weeks food wise!

H0pefully this week I can buckle down on the food choices and get more of a result next week. Chris is usually pretty good anyway but going to see if he can help me with making sure there are lots of Slimming World friendly food on the menu. We have some bananas in the house but they had been a bit on the unripe side so I was avoiding them. I’ll have to go and check in the morning and see if they are okay to eat now. Am also going to plan more next week and if it calms down, hopefully I’ll be able to go for a mad dash round the block or even get out the gym before my trial runs out.