Happy 5th Birthday Jaxon

Jaxon's black school shoes and his blue trainers on the stairs

Five years ago, I think I was at the point of pacing the living room. In fact, I’m surprised I hadn’t worn a rut in the carpet, I’d been pacing that much. (Birth Story is here) We’d been the supermarket to get lunch after my Midwives appointment, then came home because I felt ill. Then the pacing started!

Jaxon through the years

And here we are, today Jaxon you’re 5!
I put you to bed last night and had a moment. After talking about your birthday for what felt like months, it would actually be your birthday! Yesterday your first school report came home. And we are just so proud of you! This time last year you were sad about finishing preschool but so excited about starting school. Every time we went past the school building you’d get so excited and tell us how that was your big school (and now preschool is the little school). I was a little worried about how you would fit in at school just because some days your own rhythm is so different to everyone else’s but you settled in amazingly. You made heaps of friends (and I made friends with a lovely huddle of Mummy Friends).

I sat on the sofa last night and listened to you in bed. I could hear you turning pages in the book you were reading. With it being summertime you’ve sometimes struggled with how light it is in your bedroom – even with the new blackout linings for your curtains. You’re like me and you love to read, we try to do a story every evening before bed and if you’ve done your reading for school too then we have two stories each day.

But you’re also like Daddy. You’ve got a crazy explorer/adventurer heart and so will probably throw a dart at a map, learn about that place and want to visit it. (You picked Oslo for our summer holiday this year and Daddy came up with Copenhagen as a sort of compromise. Very exciting!!)

In the last year, you’ve properly developed into a little boy instead of the big toddler playing dress up in school uniform that it seemed at the beginning of the year. I have to remember to take your picture next week when it’s the end of term so that I can compare you now against you then (and probably prove my imagination wrong!)

From Wikipedia

You love trains and tell that when you grow up you want to drive a double-decker train for your job. Daddy says you might need to think about moving to Europe to be able to do that. We did ride on a couple of double-decker trains in France when we went to Disneyland Paris last year (Daddy and I had been on one in Holland too when we went from Rotterdam to Amsterdam).