Happy New Year, Let’s Start Here

Happy New Year

In November I had attempted to do NaBloPoMo but between one thing and another, procrastination and other more urgent things took priority. I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to get something out there into “the wild” at least once a week even if it’s some random rambles or a pre-made format like the Currently posts on a Monday. 

So for now Happy New Year! How are you doing? 

New Year’s Eve was always going to be a quiet one at home. Jaxon didn’t nap properly during the afternoon so when dinner happened to finish early we tried to get him to bed a little earlier too. We got our new lovely shiny car and so did lots of errands and visiting family members. This worked well in theory but there were some very loud fireworks being set off near us that also woke Jaxon up and each time it happened he wasn’t settling. At one point I was lying on our bed with him curled up with his head on my chest or tummy and him snuggled in as tight as possible. I ended up watching a documentary with my headphone in one ear and it turned down on the lowest brightness setting so that it wouldn’t disturb Jaxon. He eventually properly went to sleep around 1am and was out for the rest of the night. 

I ended up wishing Chris and Our Sidekick Happy New Year from the landing when Jaxon had woken up again and I tried to move him to his cot. 

New Year’s Day was spent with the boys in the morning then in the afternoon, there was a family gathering at Mum’s house. Grandma didn’t come in the end as she’s got a cold and was feeling rotten but there was still a full house. My mum does a buffet style tea so we grab what we’d like and then find a chair or a patch of carpet to get comfy on. Chris was on Jaxon duty so I ended up sat in the other room with my cousins. 

Following tea we had fireworks in the garden then we put Jaxon to bed in his travel cot. We borrowed my Mum’s iPad which played one of the Thomas and Friends movies so that even if Jaxon wasn’t properly asleep he was at least resting and might doze off. He seemed to settle pretty quickly so I think once he’d got comfy and watched the movie he dozed off. 

We played a board game called Tension which I really liked. It was a bit like Family Fortunes in the sense you were given a category and you had to name things in that category but you only got points if they appeared on the card. My brother’s team got “Doctor Who Actors” well my brother managed to name all of the ones listed but also ones that weren’t listed like John Hurt and Paul McGann. We had some tough ones like “Shakespeare Plays” I think we got 8 out of the 10 and then we had Kings and Queens – again I think we were on 7 or 8 but there’s such a wide range to pick from that you end up with a bunch of wrong answers for one or two correct ones. 

After that game we played Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. It was very hard, some questions were a real test of what you may or may not know from the stories but not only that they were specific to the film versions rather than the book versions so a question that might apply to both is fine but sometimes you’d had something that happened in the film but wasn’t in the books. I said to my cousin that I need to watch the films and read the books again before my birthday in April where we’ll have a rematch. 

We’re now home having had a lovely time and I really need to be heading to bed. 

How did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve? Did you spend with friends, family or a mix of both? Did you stay home, go to a party or have a crazy adventure?