Have You had a Celebrity Encounter?

Okay so yesterday I was watching Voyager and tweeting – yep I can do both at once – I don’t post about watching Voyager very often though because I am a self-diagnosed Trekkie and try not to broadcast it over the world wide web lol.

Anyhoo so I was about ten minutes to the end of an episode (the one when the aliens split B’Elanna in one Klingon person and one human person.) and was watching my Twitter stream to see if there was anything interesting to tweet on.

A tweet was made:

“Getting so many tweets from Brits staying up. Still going to be a while. I’d go to bed and watch it in the morning. My fail.”

I thought I’d comment in case there was a chance I’d get a reply.

“@bobbyllew was the @leolaporte #carpool posted on the internet? I missed it when it was a live broadcast. I tried to watch it”

I didn’t think I’d get a reply I just waiting to see if another carpool fan out there would comment on it, or post a link or something like that.

I refreshed Tweetie and there it was a mention from none other than Robert Llewellyn! Yes people please respect my moment of celebrity mention! Lol


I’ve been watching Red Dwarf since I was about 13 or 14 – when it started showing on BBC2 alot more I think – I think my Dad introduced me to it – me and Dad would watch it and then did a little dance to the titles (maybe it was one of those random things we did in our house hold lol)

OK so I don’t do celebrity “worship” – even in my teens I didn’t really have posters on my walls, before we decorated I had a massive Fantasia/Mickey Mouse poster. After the decorating I did have a poster of Elijah Wood but that was more because of the fact it was Lord of the Rings rather than because it was Elijah Wood lol. Even now the only poster I had (before we started packing stuff) was of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and Scully in The X Files movie that came out last year sometime. I guess I’ve never really been big on the celebrity worship, even when I was a massive Steps fan, I had one A3 picture frame and there were lots of different pictures of things I liked rather than one specific band or artist.

Anyhoo so my point is that I got rather excited over this one tweet – so much so that I had to take a screen shot (except I was watching the DVD so I couldn’t do it so I had to do it on my phone).

I wanted to blog about it no matter how geeky it sounds because I am weird like that – I guess it should be added to like celebrity encounters lol.

There are five celebrity encounters I have had that I specificaly remember. They are:

  • When I was at school we went on a school trip to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the open air theatre in Regent’s Park, a few rows behind us was Vanessa Feltz – she was quite rude to some of the people in our group but I give her the benefit of the doubt seeing as there were a lot of students at the this matinee that were pestering her. 
  • When I was on GCSE study leave I skived a morning of revision to stand in the queue for my Mum at a book signing. The book was written by Sarah Kennedy (For those of you who don’t know she presents the very early show on Radio 2 – she’s on before Terry Wogan), we had a chat about why I wasn’t in school and what I wanted to do after GCSE’s. She was a lovely person to meet – she was very friendly and quite chatty even though I was right at the back of the queue.
  • Me and my Mum used to sit and listen to the Big Quiz on the Steve Wright in the Afternoon Show while we waited for my brother to come out of school (I used to finish school at about 3:30 and then my Mum would collect my brother at 4pm) I used to do pretty well with recalling the answers and I think it kinda started as a joke but I applied for the Big Quiz. I didn’t expect to get selected but then the week before Live 8 I was on the show. I won either three days or four days in a row. I got to chat to Steve quite a lot and it was really strange hearing my voice over the airwaves, especially as one day when it was broadcasted I was at work and had retuned the canteen radio to BBC Radio Two just to listen to it (I’d also very carefully managed to get my afternoon break while the quiz was on). 
  • (I’m not sure if it’s really a celebrity encounter but it’s kinda a famous person encounter lol) When I was on the media team for Newday in 2005 (I think!) I got to meet Matt Redman – it was only a brief conversation as he was interviewed by the lady who does the sunday morning show on BBC Nottingham then our small group was interviewed about what Newday was and why we were there and stuff like that.
  • Most days on my way home from work I listen to the Drive Time show on BBC Radio 2. Some of the young people in my youth group tell me I’m old because I prefer Radio 2 over Radio 1 or Local Radio – it’s just so much better lol. Back in February I drove to MK for a friend’s birthday outing one Friday evening – as it was the All Request Friday show, I thought I would call and see if I could get a song planned for her as it was her birthday. I didn’t think there was the chance of getting through baring in mind how many people must listen to the Drive Time show. I was warned that if they called back I would need to make sure that I could pull over and talk on my phone not on hands free and stuff like that. Luckily enough I was actually in MK once they called back and I pulled over near Xscape. When I got to the hotel, the girls were listening to Radio 1 and so they never heard it until I was able to find a wi-fi signal and play the clip back through my phone. Chris Evans was cool and wished happy birthday to my friend. I think she appreciated it one she heard it lol.


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  2. Evan says:

    I met someone who was in the Scorpion King.
    The guy who played Dwayne Johnson’s brother.
    I don’t remember his name.
    Apparently, he was in other movies that I’ve never heard of.

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  4. Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 says:

    I had many celeb encounters when I lived in California- the cast of buffy and angel, the cast of JAG and a few other TV shows, mostly. Not a lot of block buster movies, but there were a lot of TV shows that filmed in my area.

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