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I am becoming such a geek – if it’s possible to become more of one than I am already!

We got a new camera so I posted another YouTube video. I am Girltaristhan. I have the whole beginner thing on that. I also received my copy of Brainscan Zine also received my copy of the Stolen Sharpie Revolution. Alex you rock! Zine’s are awesome and I so want to get into writing them but I don’t know where to start so hopefully Alex’s one will inspire me and hopefully I can find some more over the internet and get writing.

I also heard of this thing today called NanoFiction – it’s stories that are between like 50 and 1000 words! Just in my word count bracket me things.

I have a post to write about Geli by Elle at Pipe Dreams and Professions. I remembered about my friend’s other blog and so started reading that again. He can be found here.

I have got like the get up and go bug now – I want to do so much stuff but it’s 25 to 1 and I have work in the morning. I need someone to bottle this energy and give it to me tomorrow at 9:30pm when I finish at band so that I can cram some arty-creative time in before bed and also save some for the weekend so I can have a mass-creative-fest!

YouTube Video is just doing it’s thing then it will be posted here.

Night All


  1. Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 says:

    AHHH! So that was you who left a comment on my youtube video! I totally should have known! 🙂

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I’m tempted to redo my video but this time actually trying to do the sit ups (including the falling off the sofa!)

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