Haven Holiday 2016: Day Three

Our Haven Holiday 2016

Today was mainly about getting on the road and heading home. Travelling in Zoe was going to take most of the day between charges.

While Chris and Jaxon finished up breakfast and played, I worked on getting everything packed away and ready to go home. I worked my way from the master bedroom back towards the living room and kitchen. That way I could close off each room as I went and knew they were then done.

Haven - The Dining and Kitchen Area

For three adults and a toddler this was plenty of space. We worked out that you could probably sleep 6 people, if not 8 (Chris said he thought the sofa in the living room turned into a double bed too). We used the sheet across one of the stalls for Jaxon and with the static caravan having a laminate/lino floor it was easy to clean when Jaxon dropped food on the floor.

Haven - The living room

As you can see out of the living room window, we were really close to some of the on site facilities. We used the shop and the swimming pool but didn’t have chance to explore the restaurant/bar opposite the caravan. Haven - Jaxon's Room

This is the room that Jaxon had to himself. I think Our Sidekick found that the single bed in his room was really too small for him whereas Jaxon looked tiny in the bed! We’d brought the brown blanket and his Thomas sheet from so he had those familiar things with him but he also used the duvet that was supplied.

When it came to eating breakfast, I nearly ended up having a cheese and ham sandwich rather than pack it but in the end, I decided to have cereal instead.

Once everyone was finished on breakfast and drinks the washing up got done and then it was beginning to look like we were ready to set off.

Our first stop on the journey we stopped at the McDonalds at Blofield to use the charger for the car. It might just be a fluke but every member of staff we’ve come in contact with there were so lovely and friendly. Once we had some more charge in the car we headed for Norwich Train Station where we could plug the car in for a longer charge while we explored the city.

Daddy babywearing win!

With three adults and one toddler fitting in our car there isn’t the space for the buggy. After managing our holiday last Summer with just the carrier, we’d packed it again this time. We didn’t really leave the site this weekend and the one time we did Jaxon did some walking too. During our holiday last year, Jaxon wasn’t walking so that helped to contain him a bit! We were tag teaming when it came to carrying Jaxon or holding his hand. Chris took the first “shift” which involved climbing up to the Castle Mall – what a superstar!

We had a potter round the shops and went to find a shop called Brambles. When we came to Norwich with Auntie K a while back, we went in the shop and I loved it. We found the shop unit but unfortunately Brambles has closed and another shop has now opened in it’s place. We did have a brief look round to see what it was like. However, there was no-one else in the shop and I was a nervous we were going to break something fragile!

We stopped for a quick break in the shopping centre in the food court. Unless Chris wanted a main meal, there was very little gluten free choice for him. When we went back outside, I snapped this picture – he wasn’t so convinced about having his photo taken (Again!) but at least he wasn’t looking crossly at the camera!

The journey home was a lot smoother than the journey to holiday. It was good to get home and be able to sleep in my own bed. I am pleased that I made it home in time to catch up on Strictly.

I spotted this on the way back to the car so of course had to snap a picture. I will have to make sure I stick it in my journal.

Would we go back to a Haven site?

Yes I think we would – there were a few minor hiccups but had there have been major ones I’m sure the on site team would have done their best to help us out.

Not a sponsored post. Just talking about our adventures to Haven’s Wild Duck Holiday Park in Belton nr Great Yarmouth.