Haven Holiday 2016: Day Two

We had a false start to our day when Our Sidekick got up for the loo at 4.30 yesterday morning. Chris heard the door go and though Jaxon was up and wandering round so he jumped out of bed and dashed for the door. As he opened our bedroom door I think he scared the living daylights out of Our Sidekick who wasn’t expecting anyone else to be up at that time. Chris came back to bed and we went back to sleep until about 7am ish when Jaxon woke up. I was still half asleep so I’m glad that Chris was up and sorted Jaxon out.

Jaxon ended up parked in the middle of us watching Thomas on the iPad while I squeezed in a little more sleep. Chris was on the other side of Jaxon playing on his phone.

Started the day with breakfast. We could have booked a high chair if needed but Jaxon is in an in between phase. Some days he wants to use a high chair and other times he doesn’t . We had come prepared for this and grabbed the spare duvet cover that we had brought with us to work as a chair cover. Thankfully the caravan had Lino/laminate flooring so if anything went on the floor it was easy to clear up.

The View from the Caravan
Once we’d had breakfast, Chris took the car to the charging point (I think he had 4 or 5 attempts at different ones in the end because of faulty ones). Jaxon and I played and watched TV or what we could find. I got on with some knitting while he played. I think he was feeling the late night and ended up pretty much playing while lying on the floor.

Having looked at Google Maps, Chris took the bus back to the camp site rather than walking back. One of the local bus services drops off right outside the park so if you were coming to Haven by public transport you could get from Great Yarmouth on the bus. We discussed how easy it would be to get from Bedford to the park on the train or bus. It would involve possibly getting a lift to Cambridge to start with but wouldn’t be impossible.

Once Chris got back to the site we went swimming in the on site pool. It was quite busy and nearly all the lockers were in use (minus one that didn’t have a working lock). It did need a £1 coin to use it and fortunately Chris had brought his wallet with him as I’d left mine in the caravan. It’s been quite a while since Jaxon has been swimming so at first he wasn’t convinced about getting in the pool. We started in the small pool which mean Jaxon could actually walk around in the water. After a little while we went to get into the big pool, Chris and I took it in turns to hold Jaxon while the other one tried to entertain him. A lot of older girls and boys were jumping in the pool, so I would jump up and down in the water and then Chris would lift Jaxon up and splash him into the water like he’d jumped in. Jaxon did calm down and settle into being in the water. Towards the end we went back to the smaller pool, Jaxon had got out and walked from Chris to me round the edge then slipped over and hit his forehead on the floor. The lifeguards were so good! Before I’d even got out of the pool and got to Jaxon, Chris and the lifeguard were there checking on Jaxon. The lifeguard checked the nearest first aid kit for an ice pack but there wasn’t one so he then got another lifeguard to grab a second kit while stay with Jaxon, Chris and I. The second lifeguard came back really promptly with the second kit and the first lifeguard got the ice pack while Chris and I wrestled Jaxon between us to try and keep the ice pack on his head. I was then asked to fill in the first aid report – fine no problem but I didn’t have my glasses on so had to keep squinting at the form! Just hope it’s readable if anyone needs to re-read it in the future.

Following swimming we went back to the caravan. Jaxon was getting hungry but it was still a bit early for lunch so we gave him one of the Mamia pouches I’d been given as part of #MamiaDaysOut. Definitely better than popping to the shop for a bag of chocolate buttons!

When the pouches and other goodies had arrived, they came in this basket. 

As space in the car was at a premium I had to pack it down. Minus the fruit juice I managed to fit them into this box. 

Chris headed off to check the car and it turned out that although the app for the post he was using said it was charging the actual Renault app said that Zoe wasn’t charging.

While Chris was out it was lunchtime so Jaxon and I headed to the site shop to get the bits to make sandwiches. We also got iced doughnuts to share between us and Our Sidekick. After lunch, Chris returned to the campsite with Zoe the EV, he’d found a charger that would work and had enough charge for us to go to and from Great Yarmouth and then get as far as a McDonalds at Blofield that had a charging point to get us into Norwich to use another point while we explore. (The staff at the McDonald’s near Blofield are just so lovely! Although just a bit bemused as you have to pull through the drive through to be able to use the electric car charging point – oh and the particular point has a name like an Eddie Stobart lorry!).

Once Chris got back to the caravan park we headed into Great Yarmouth for a bit of a wander. We walked from the car park at South Quay down to the sea front. It was quite windy but didn’t deter us. Jaxon wasn’t keen on the stones in the sand but got used to it and was happy pottering along the beach holding Daddy’s hand.

Jaxon, Chris and I went for a paddle in the sea. Our Sidekick was quite happy wandering along a patch of beach where there was more sand than stones.

I was stood just at the edge of the waves as they were coming in and some of the stones gave way under my foot and nearly fell over. Thankfully I just ended up with wet trousers and didn’t fall over.

After this we headed back up the beach to the promenade. We then wandered along the sea front towards the pier and then to see some of the attractions along the sea front. A lot of them have either been closed as they didn’t open over the summer or have closed now that the season is almost over.

In one of the Arcades, Chris and Jaxon went on a rollercoaster simulator. Jaxon was a bit bemused and I’m not sure he entirely got what was happening but I think he enjoyed being on the ride with Daddy.

Before turning back to the car we got ice creams. Chris had Ferraro Rocher flavour, I had Jaffa cake and Our Sidekick had Oreo. The Jaffa cake one was yummy but it was almost like vanilla ice cream with chopped up Jaffa cakes in it. It was yummy anyway.

Once we got back to the car we end to get some dinner. We ended up at Pizza Hut. It was quite busy as it was a Saturday evening and because of this when it came to ordering and receiving our food there was a mixed level of customer service.  However the staff were really helpful.

When we got back to the caravan we put Jaxon to bed, then we watched Grand Designs then I watched Red Dwarf XI. Had to resist singing along to the titles out loud.

Not a sponsored post for Haven. Just talking about our adventures to Haven’s Wild Duck Holiday Park in Belton nr Great Yarmouth.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia


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