Hello November (November Goals)
Monthly Goals

It’s a new month, so it’s time to share my goals for the month. I’m sure I used to do it more often but then I stopped. I was aiming for five but as I look at my list I only have four… Hopefully I’ll think of a fifth one as I type it up.

Goal 1: November Challenge

Each month my Apple Watch tells me the challenge for the month – sometimes it’s really easy and I can get through it quickly and other times it’s that bit harder. This month’s goal is to close the Exercise Ring 13 times. As I’m cycling a lot each week, it shouldn’t be too hard to complete but I guess we will see. I will also be trying to close all 3 circles as well. (If you’re not sure about the circles there are videos on YouTube, this one from Cult of Mac is interesting).

Goal 2: NaNoWriMo

Let’s do this thing! Back in 2017, Chris and I had a whole discussion about me writing a book. We were talking about goals and things we wanted to achieve and writing a book was something I said. It was a little crazy and I’m still not sure it’s that sane! But I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo again, bringing a previous draft with me in the hope that I can actually hit that word count this year. I guess we’ll see if I actually make it. I’m sure the writing group I’ve been attending will be checking in on me to make sure I’m still going!

Goal 3: Ride 75km in November

I wrote this one down as 70km, then looked at the tracking on my watch/phone and realised that in October (25 days of being in Copenhagen), I’d already hit 68.17km. So as long as I tracked it all adding another 7km shouldn’t be too hard. (EDIT: It’s now the 6th and I’ve already completed 31.95km, it might be time to up that goal already!)

Goal 4: Finished Shawlography MKAL

Like so many other people, I cast on the MKAL from West Knits but haven’t always been speedy enough to get through a Clue per week. I’m currently still on Clue 2 but there are more straightforward knit/purl short rows to come so hopefully I can get through those bits before I slow down again for my first attempt at Brioche. (to me Brioche is yummy French bread not knitting lol).

Goal 5: Reduce my Currerntly Reading

My currently reading list on Goodreads keeps growing even though I’ve either finished or completely stopped reading some fo the books. Now some of them are physical books and are back in the UK, but the ones that I can clear I will try to and hopefully that will reduce the list. It’s currently at 22 and that’s even with me reading some that I really won’t go back to.

This is the list as it stands (where I know it’s defintiely a physical book that I don’t have access to I will put it in Italics with an * at the beginning. (You will notice a theme… I read lots, but mostly light stuff that I can pick up around the boys or at bedtime. I am about to start also reading Podcast with Impact by Anna Parker-Naples which is more of a work thing but still very interesting).

Currently Reading (According to Goodreads)

  • *The Highland Falcon Theief by M. G. Leonard
  • Falling for Your Best Friend’s Girl – Emma St. Clair
  • Perfectly Unique by Annie F. Downs
  • My Christmas Number One by Leonie Mack
  • Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson
  • *The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley
  • The Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts
  • The Cosy Teashop in the Castle by Caroline Roberts
  • Women Rise up by Katey Zeh
  • Runaway Sumer by Ruth Saberton
  • Escape for the Summer by Ruth Saberton
  • Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston (I’m sure I have already finished this one but Goodreads say it’s still in progress…)
  • The One Saving Grace by Julie Houston (Same with this one)
  • No Cure for Love by Jean Fullerton
  • *Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission
  • Sleigh Ride
  • An Event to Remember or Forget
  • Happiness for Humans by P. Z. Reizin
  • Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
  • Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
  • Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni
  • *From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado-Bishop (I started this *years* ago and for some reason still not finished it)

Goodreads also tells me that I’ve read 32 out of 40 books in 2021. So can I clear 8 books from my Currently Reading and tick them off my Reading Challenge this year too? I guess we’ll see.

Have you set any goals for November? I’d love to see them if you’ve shared them online.


  1. Alice in Sheffield says:

    Some fab goals to keep you busy this month! I’m rubbish at keeping my goodreads updated. I never remember to go back and then it’s always much lower than what I’ve actually read that year!

  2. Lea Mai Carter says:

    Great goals! I love to create goals for the month. Mine are mainly just to get back on top of things and find a balance with my home life and new job x

    • Hannah says:

      That’s across the whole month so it’s like 2-3 a day if I go out everyday. But so far I’m already on about 20km so it’s even less than that a day and we’re only on the 7th lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. loverosiee says:

    what a lovely post to read. I love seeing all of your aspirations and goals, it’s really inspiring me to get down to some of mine before the year is out. Although I don’t think I’ll be completing a 75km ride – my hero!

    • Hannah says:

      Hehe Not sure I could 75km in one go but it’s 75km across the month – I’ve done sort of 11-13km in one day but definitely would need to build up to anything more major than that! (At least Copenhagen is reasonably flat so no hills to climb!)

  4. Katie May says:

    Oh, every year I swear I’ll do Nanowrimo and I didn’t again! I’d love to, and I know I need to make time. Will have to look for a nearby writing group and see if that helps!

  5. Amy says:

    I took part in NaNoWriMo a few years ago as I’d love to write a book! I definitely didn’t hit the word count and I’d love to try it again one day!
    Amy x

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