Recently Off The Needles: Joy Cowl

Between making new friends and having a bit more time to crochet and knit, I decided that I’d make some of my Christmas presents. This is the first one. It’s the Joy Cowl by The Pigeon’s Nest. I purchased just the pattern but Rebecca also does a kit which can be purchased here. (It’s also available in other colours too! I quite like the Americana one!)

This is the picture from Rebecca’s website/pattern. I chose to do my version in two different shades of blue rather than pink. Rebecca’s pattern also calls for Stylecraft Special but I used Amigo from Hobbii (This is the closest I’ve found to Stylecraft Special so far – without having to order from the UK or elsewhere in Europe).

The great thing about these Granny Squares is that for me they grew quite quickly. I miscounted on 2-3 of them and ended up with 13 white “clusters” instead of 12. Of course, I didn’t realise until I got to the grey outer edge! Oops! Lots of frogging was needed there but was able to reuse the same yarn and finish those squares.

This is the second or third pattern I’ve done written by Rebecca and they are so clear and easy to follow which is great. I did find with this one that my tension is on the small side compared to Rebecca’s. If I did it again I’d try with a 5mm hook maybe instead of a 4mm. In this instance, I did an extra 6 squares to make it that bit longer and that definitely worked better. Rebecca and I did chat about this as I’ve been giving her an update of where I’m up to. 3 squares (one column) may have been enough but to keep the pattern in place I did two columns (6 squares).

Are you making any of your Christmas presents? Do you have any projects currently on your needles or hook?

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