Here it is…2009

So here it is 2009.

At our party I sang Teenage Kicks by The Undertones literally before the countdown dashed off to the loo at hispeed thinking I’d be back to the main hall in time but I wasn’t. (should have used the disabled toilet it was much closer!!!)

Anyhoo I just wished everyone Happy New Year, hugged random people and sat back in my chair and then the next song was me and The Murf singing The Love Shack. Why is it so hard to pitch karaoke songs?

I’ve sang so many songs this evening. (ToughGirl101 – I have a video – I think! Need to check my computer and my friends camera!)

I sang These Boots are Made For Walking (unfortunately the Jess Simpson cover version rather than the original which I prefer big time!), Love Song by Sara Bareilles, Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations (my favourite cover of this is by Julia Nunes – she can be found as Jaaaaaaa on YouTube – I’m posting from my mobile so links are a bit of a challenge!)

What else did I sing?? I sang Summer Nights from Grease with The Murf which was really funny! He dances and stuff when he sings but I stand so still it’s hilarious! Need to practice singing and dancing at the same time!

Anyhoo it’s 2009, tomorrow I’m going to Auntie K’s ok she’s not my auntie she’s CJ’s auntie. It should be okay (we’re driving up in FIL’s car which could be a little intense!! I need to rememer my headphones!!!! Then on Friday, I’m going to hang out with Mr C and family. Princess Nat will probably be super excited! Lol.

Then it’s the weekend and on Monday I go back to work which I’m kinda liking and dreading.

Over and out!!

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  1. David says:

    Mr C? How I hate being called Mr!! The onyl person I knew with the same surname as me and always called Mr was my Step Father!!!!

  2. David says:

    But, we are looking forward to spending some time with you, not mentioned it to the Princess yet as she has to have a sleep between now and then!

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