Posting From Another Car Journey

Today we’re off on a journey to see Auntie K. So at the moment I’m sat in the back seat of my FIL’s car.

My SIL decided to bring her laptop (other than the journey i’m not really sure why!) she’s playing Age of Empires with random bits being suggested by my FIL. CJ is sat next to me and he’s surfing the Internet on his phone.

So then we’re back to me and I’m blogging and listening to music. Just had Christina Aquilera followed by Jamie Cullum and now Regina Spektor (Ain’t No Other Man, Can’t We Be Friends and Your Honour).

Now they are talking cheat codes. It’s like a whole other language to me! Haven’t played something like Age of Empires since before I change to my MacBook.

My FIL is now ranting about Blackberrys and iPhones – apparently they are the same in his book! Lol.

I’m going to do Hanjie now ttfn

Han over and out!


  1. Elle says:

    You know, you could be reading S&S in the car! :p I’ve managed Chapter One so far – I really want to take my pen to all her punctuation!!!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I forget it! How useless was that!!!

      I think the language will get me. Dictionary is one hand with S&S in the other. Listened to a Stephen Fry podcast in the car and he uses such a range of words.

  2. David says:

    hanji? is that a special game for Hanniepies to play? As fro Blackberries and I-Phones, ignore your FIL he is in his 40’s far too old to appreciate such modern technology and the significances of them!

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