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So once again I started a comment then found that my comment was getting longer and longer so here is my reply. The original post is here.

[I’m still unsure of everything]

Me too! I’ve been in my job for 9 months and I know I need the job to pay the bills but do I want to stay here? Do I want my own company and if I do can I risk it? There are lots of questions and no answers!

I can easily pick out an outfit and deciding what to order at a restaurant has never been a problem for me. It’s those major life decisions that always give me trouble.

This is so me too mainly because I have such a small taste in both areas that it’s not hard when the list is made dramatically shorter.

Here are some things that Coffee_Girl knows for sure…(along with my adaptations!)

Rubber Soul Sgt Peppers is my favorite Beatles album.
John Cusack is dreamy – I kinda agree here theres something about him lol.
Without coffee I cannot function. I hate the stuff!
All forms of public transportation smell weird. – yep!

This is what Coffe_Girl needs some help on…

Is Marketing a career I actually like and want to pursue?

I don’t know if you want to pursure it. I thought teaching was what I wanted to do but I got to the end of Uni and then wasn’t sure. Now I’m a Customer Service Rep stuck in a rut lol.

Why do cubicles make me so unhappy?

Like office cubicles? I think it’s because they are enclosed spaces – I have the opposite – My office is very kinda open planned and we’re all in one office. It’s nice but because of where I sit I feel very left out as I’m on a little island on my own.

Should the line between friend and more than friend be crossed if you think there is something there?

I think so maybe.  How else are you going to identify if there is more? When I realised I liked my hubby as more than friends I needed to take a step over that line to be able to find out how he felt – after all we’re not psychic! lol

What are my realistic goals for the future?
I don’t this is something you need to work out yourself.

Is there a real life Lloyd Dobbler?
I may regret this but I  don’t know who Lloyd Dobler is!

So yeah some times life is confusing and rubbish but as my cousin put it the other day so eloquently if it was simple it would be boring!

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  1. David says:

    I could handle ‘booring’ if it meant life was simpler!! I am just glad I have fantastic friends, like you, who are able to make sure I make the right choices and decisions.

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