Oklahoma Supercell

Oklahoma Supercell

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How this for a photo op!

When I was younger I had a dream about being a storm chaser! I blame it on my Dad as we used to watch lots of documentaries on Twisters.

This is a supercell formation. Now according to the wonderful peeps at wikipedia if the wind forms an updraft it can then start spinning and form a twister.

There was a film that is specifically about a supercell but I can’t remember what its called lol! I watched in with my Dad and the supercell cloud actually drops lots of twisters rather than just the one.


  1. Perky says:

    I can only remember one movie about tornadoes, and it was called Twister, starring Helen Hunt. In the movie the supercell they had was the F5. Not sure if this was the movie you were referring to though…

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      No it’s not Twister – I remember that one cos they end up in the mechanics pit in the garage hanging on for dear life while the twister goes overhead.

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