The One Where The Fun Begins

So this week we’ve been getting ready for moving house but we’ve also been getting ready for our trip to Butlin’s. Now we’ve got down to a few days before hand I’ve been thinking about how I can introduce the trip to my blog.

So I won the trip courtesy of the guys and girls at FuelMyBlog and some other fab people at Butlins (They can be found on Twitter here. I guess at first I was a little overwhelmed with the idea that I had won. Okay so winning a T-shirt or something like that is okay that’s a t-shirt but a weekend away at a holiday camp, it’s like a whole different ball game.

My Dad brought me up on various different British Comedies like The Good Life, ‘Allo ‘Allo and Hi-De-Hi when I was growing up and so I thought that Butlin’s was going to be kinda like the camp in Hi-De-Hi, everyone would be freakishly happy and trying to get you involved in random activities and stuff like that.

Well here it goes – wish me luck I will blog when possible and need to say a massive thank you to Mr C for his Mobile internet dongle thingy (I might get one of these one day!) and to my folks who have just been like awesome this week!

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