The One with The House and Guest Bloggers


So with this whole moving house thing comes a lack of certain items. I can’t start Welshmillie‘s KAL (it’s like a knitting group) and I can’t make cards, I can’t get my swaps/journals finished but most of all I can’t blog from my Mac.

I can write the posts and email them to myself at work but I have to be very careful about when I post them. So for the time being the blogging might be less or even not existent. My friend David has lent me his internet dongle but CJ is being really paranoid and so even now he’s semi monitoring my usage (Especially as he’s got an essay to write and so needs the allowance more.)

I came up with the idea to have some guest bloggers and so far I have three!! I’d love some more if you’re interested. You can email me (hannah at rockangel dot co dot uk, leave a comment below or send me a


  1. David says:

    I am happy to have a go and see if I can write something. Let me know if you want em to have a bash!
    btw, I do most of the blogs on my own blogs via e-mail, I am able to e-mail the blog and it gets posted directly, including the wordpress blog that you help me with, not sure whether your able to do the same but using their app I would have thought it was still possible? Just a thought.
    ALSO, ther eis a 3GB monthly allowance on that thing, should be easy enough to keep within that I would have thought, if its exceeded it jsut means payign for the excess, not a big deal. just get on and use it and thats from me who has to foot the bill, tell him not to worry about it, might draw the line at you using it fro on-line gamming and the like but blog stuff etc then its not a problem.

  2. Ally says:

    On the same line as the previous comment, as long as you’re not doing anything that is download heavy, like games or flickr, it takes a lot to use up the limit on a mobile broadband dongle. When I had one to use while uni was sorting out the landlord’s mess, I had three months to use 3GB and I still had loads left on it (although that was because half way through the three months we got a landline connection).
    Also if you want another guest blogger I have a bit of free time on my hands at the moment! Let me know what you want!

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