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I’ve been working my way through my RSS Reader as there were seems to be a crazy number of posts at the moment – I think it’s because of the weather changing.

One that pinged up was by Crystal from The House of Hearts it was all about honest blog posts and being true to yourself.

Crystal asks

“What is something you have been sweeping under the rug and not taking head on?”

It got me thinking and I went to read the three posts that Crystal had recommended. These are This is Real Life by Dinosaur Toes (aka Danielle), Why I Disabled Comments by Pugly Pixel (aka Katrina) and The Grand Pep Talk from White Hot Truth.

I read the first post by Dinosaur Toes and got rather excited by the whole idea. I tend to avoid posting what I wore posts because I don’t have nice designer clothes or because I’m wearing my really trashed jeans (like this – below) and a hoodie.

My Jeans


Or I take my picture and realise that I look really grumpy or that I smile and I look like a dork! But at the same time – those trashed jeans and that hoodie is what I am wearing because I like wearing that – if I want to blog about it why don’t I. Well today I’m wearing my new jumper – it’s got a Christmas-sy pattern on it but I love it even if it is only November.


And guess what I look grumpy lol. So let’s try it – lets try and be more honest where possible about how we are feeling rather than pretending it’s all rainbows and sunshine.

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  1. Debbie Newnham says:

    You should post whatever you want. The world is full of a vast diversity of people who like a vast diversity of things to read. You are a unique special person with valid things to say. Go for it, be who you are. :o)

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