HTC Phone Issues

I have the HTC Desire Z and I keep having trouble with the notifications. I took it to the Carphone Warehouse in Bedford and the guy there didn’t know of such a problem – however if you go on the Support Tab (on the HTC Facebook page) there is a whole thread of people who are having similar issues with their phones.
If I receive a text I get the notification at the top and on the logo but when I’ve read the text only the logo is cleared – the notification at the top doesn’t clear. Also my phone sometimes doesn’t tell me that I’ve received new messages – so every so often I have to go into my inbox just in case some got missed. I’m so fed up the phone is about two months old – if i take it back to the store they will send it off for repair but that involves being with out a phone for two weeks (I’ve also read about HTC not returning phones for between 4 and 8 weeks – that’s TWO months!)¬†Are you having similar problems?
I still have my iPhone and am really considering going back to it mainly on the basis that having a phone that doesn’t give you notifications kinda defeats the point doesn’t it?
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