I know I shouldn’t but I would like this

Bag from Fat Orange Cat BoutiqueSo at high speed I am writing this post, I gave up singing in the worship band today to help with the sound desk as Chris is away. OK I barely know anything about a sound desk – I’m usually on stage saying “I would like this in my left ear and that in my right and can you stand on one leg while you do that please.” It doesn’t always go like that lol. Any way so I get there at half past 9 set up the desk (It takes me 15 minutes to work it all out – hey the last time I went near a sound desk I nearly broke it because I turned on the wrong switch 🙁 the time before that I was still at school doing Music Technology). So I’ve sorted the desk and I’m ready for the practice – Sam arrives (he was meant to be doing the desk but had arrived late – so at least by setting it up he was ready to go). The worship band decide – well Ruby isn’t playing drums today lets move the kit – so there’s a new sound technician who is following instructions from a sheet of paper, and the worship band decide to furniture move rather than run through the songs. OK!!!

Anyway I decided rather than getting annoyed about it I would come back home (I live next door to the church) chill out until about 2 minutes to the beginning of the service and I would park myself in the back corner – after all the girlies who I would normally sit with have gone away this weekend with out me (Their spouses have gone to a Men’s conference and mine has gone to a youth work conference).

I started my new job this week which I really enjoy – the office is 6 girlies and we have a great laugh. But I feel like I have lost my friends by getting a job. I am going to go I think I might cry.

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