I was bored lol


I was bored and decided to be creative. I chose Hannie-Pants as it’s my nickname and went off to find pictures that showed the letters. Also I’m kinda trialling header ideas. I’ve decided that I am going to pay out the money for my own URL hopefully Hanniepants.com (I’m going to be a DOT COM!) and so I am working on designs. Well mine are hand draw and then Chris will do the funky magic and make it look pretty.

I’ve decided to go back to a paper diary. I’m not really sure why I kinda feel lost without it. I have the diary on my phone but I like the feeling almost of writing it down rather than typing it in. Is that random or does that make sense?

Paper Diary

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  1. James says:

    I am totally loving your name in letters – looks amazing! Very exciting that you will be a dot com as well – I am hoping hard that work will not block your site. Their criteria seems a little random tbh.

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