Lunch at The Gurdwara

The GurdwaraToday we went to church as normal. Pastor Mow Mow preached which was cool.

Afterwards me, Chris, Mr W, Mrs W, Abster and Essie went to the Gurdwara for lunch. It was really cool. Chris had told us how that they serve lunch not just for the “congregation” but for the community as well. So we went there for lunch – they were sooooo welcoming it was really cool (Did I already say that it was cool?!?!)

I took this picture on our way back the Mr and Mrs W’s house. There was some story I was told about that originally the domes on the roof were going to be painted/plated in like gold coloured paint/metal but the council refused the planning permission or something like that. I think it’s a beautiful building.

The building is an area of Bedford called Queen’s Park, there are a lot of people who go on about how rough it is and all this sort of thing. Now admittedly I don’t live there but Mr and Mrs W are raising their kids there and they think it’s a great place to bring the girlies up in such a multicultural area.

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