In Progress… (Take 2)

Works in Progress

Other than pottering round the house and visiting the Midwife I’ve taken up residence at the end of the sofa either blogging, commenting elsewhere, knitting, crocheting on generally trying make progress on any projects I have going. I had to pause on the crochet blanket as the weather was getting warmer and the blanket was cooking me.

Rather than surrender completely I figured that I’d switch to a smaller knitting project then decided to get started on Christmas – it does mean that I have more projects on the go but if baby keeps stalling then I might have plenty of time to keep going and who knows I could knit through labour too. How cool are the blue knitting needles?? I got these and a purple 4mm pair as a present from my Mum.

A few days this last week I’ve not really had the motivation to get on with knitting or crochet of any sorts then other day I’ve struggled to put the project down to sleep! Chris keeps telling me that I can’t stay in bed all day but some days that’s all I’ve wanted to do. Not because I’m tired but because I’d been so focused on getting to Blueberry’s due date that I hadn’t really sorted anything for this week to keep me occupied. On other days like Monday and today I’ve had other things booked so had to get up and get on with things.

I’ve been “learning” Freeform crochet which sounds easier than I’m actually finding it! I’m so used to following a pattern that when you don’t have a pattern it’s a bit of a challenge. I used Snovej’s blog for starters when it came to learning about freeform crochet. I’ve dug out some bits that my mum gave me for freeform crochet that I’d put away as I wasn’t sure where to start but now I have an idea I might give it more of a go. Have you had a go?

Do you have any projects in progress?

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