(This was technically taken last night before bed)

Come on Blueberry!!!

Today is Blueberry’s original delivery date but following the first scan back in December, their due date was moved to the 1st. It’s now 5:40pm and currently there is no sign of Blueberry joining us today either.

My feet/ankles can’t decide whether to swell or not so each evening they are swelling up, they go down by the morning and start again.

I’m fed up as I’m not sleeping great (all in practice I know!) but Chris is then encouraging me out of bed most mornings to get moving and do things.

Blueberry can’t decide where to sit so keeps fidgeting which is good but I’d like him/her to stay engaged and heading the right direction! (Preferably quicker too!)

Today we went to the garden centre which I didn’t mind but it’s been hot and very sunny today so actually heading for the shade today would have been good. I spotted this while we were there, so I snapped a picture and sent it to Kewey.

You are my sunshine

Around lunchtime we grabbed a snack. I had a cream tea but Chris had a coffee instead (it tends to work out cheaper that way!). Chris had gluten free Lemon Drizzle Cake (he said that Jaffa’s was better!)

Cream Non-Tea

Following that we headed back to the car and home via Hobbycraft so that I could get some wool to carry on Christmas presents (already! I know).

Our Sidekick has got in from school late and WW3 kicked off again. Nearly every afternoon/evening for the last two weeks ish there’s been an argument about one thing or another – I can’t put my finger on whether it’s teenage boy hormones or pregnant lady hormones but I’m sure usually it’s not my fault but this evening, I don’t think I helped matters. I tried to walk away and did but when you add it to my general fed up state and I shut myself away in tears because I’ve just had enough.

While writing this on my phone at a funny angle I found this post. Too right lol!

So yeah, come on baby let’s start this labour thing…please? Soon! Like NOW!


  1. Katie says:

    The average for first pregnancies is actually 41 weeks so hang in there mama! E didn’t show up until 40w 6d. I feel like I handled that with her much better than I’m handling it with her little brother. 😉

    • Hannah says:

      Chris is “chain-feeding” me cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea in the hope it’ll make a difference. He’s got this idea that if it’s the only thing I drink until baby gets here it’ll be quicker. I’m all for the experiment now hehe. You didn’t have E to handle last time this time you’re trying to juggle her and look after little boy. I think you’re doing a great job anyway!

    • Katie says:


      I’m currently thinking more along with Murphy’s law as far as what I’ll do to “trigger” Albert’s arrival. I finished the reading for my church group on Tuesday night, so obviously he’ll come before then and I could’ve skipped the reading. Or we can’t install the car seat or he’ll never come. 😉

  2. hjhall2014 says:

    I’m glad I read your link before making a comment here! It’s infuriating what people say, isnt it, and you have reminded me how uncomfortable those last few days are. If you can sleep or rest in the mornings, do it. Surely you dont have to get up? There are bound to be tensions whilst you are all wondering when the next stage of your family life will begin. You take care, and I look forward to hearing news of the arrival .. Whenever.
    Ps. Is raspberry leaf tea as disgusting as I remember it, and isn’t it supposed to reduce risk of tearing rather than induce labour?

    • Hannah says:

      It might have come out like I was being rude. I am grateful that people care and do ask but I guess sometimes it’s the ones that don’t quite make sense that get up my nose lol. I slept in until 10:30 today which I was super grateful about.

      It’s certainly not my favourite but if it’s doing any good then I’ll keep drinking it. It’s like a lot of fruit teas that seem to smell so much better than they taste!

  3. Hannah says:

    I am hanging in. The weather has been quite muggy and so I think that’s been fraying a few nerves in our house. It’ll be okay and soon a little baby will be here and although things will never be normal again we can sort of get used to the new version of our family.

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