It’s Not Good!!

Apple iPhone

So technically I could get off my butt go into town and purchase my very own iPhone – admittedly firstly I should go upstairs and run it past Chris.

Since the iPhone has been out I have been drooling – ok tried not to be obsessive over it but my iPod Touch is seriously easy to use it’s easier to use all round and with the notes program that you get in the January Upgrade I could use it to take notes in church (Don’t worry Pastor Mow Mow I do still listen!).

Anyhoo so it started this afternoon as I have been looking at digital cameras. Me and Chris used our wedding money to buy a DSLR back in May last year – this is cool for family events and graduation and things like that but for going to London on my own it’s a bit big to carry around under one arm. So I was looking at compact cameras then I thought about well I;’ll just have a look at the tech spec behind the iPhone and compare the cameras – after all I took a picture of My Mum in the O2 Store when we went to Milton Keynes back in January and it was very clear and a crisp image. I looked at the information about the telephone contract and all that bit and got a little confused so for the purposes of “research” I called O2 – as an existing customer of O2 through the Carphone Warehouse. Apparently because I entered my existing contract before September 2007 I don’t have to pay a termination fee for my existing contract. Basically I buy the handset from O2/CW/Apple, copy over my existing direct debit details and off I go. They will do things like transfering over my number – I just plug it into my computer and activate with Apple – or something like that – I just needed the important information. £270 up front for the handset and then £35 a month for the contract – which actually I would be getting more minutes and texts than I have at the moment plus the internet stuff and extra pieces.

Anyhoo so if I go upstairs and run it past Chris I will get the whole can you really afford it should you be spending that kind of money on a piece of technology. A plus point to it is that the software upgrades just like it would if it was an iPod – I plug it in and off it goes. Only thing is Chris sometimes scares me – do I want to go upstairs and try and run this past him?!?!?

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