Letters (0108)

The theme for March as part of NaBloPoMo‘s themed postings is that March is list. So I should be writing a list about something like the 10 most painful moments of the past weekend or My favourite 10 worship songs or something like that.

But the theme for April is much more exciting and further up my street. Letters. I guess this means that I could write the post as a  letter to someone, or a specific person – like to a newspaper or something like that (Maybe a complaint that a certain magazine has so many adverts in it!). Another idea that they suggested was ….actually I don’t remember but I really liked the idea!

I purchased my iPhone and have taken lots of photos – I can’t post directly to WordPress (I can email my posts to Blogger which means I can post at work, on a train, in a traffic jam – you name it as long as I have mobile signal I can post).

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