It’s Not My Fault

So I went to work today even though I really should have probably stayed home (I’m like my Dad I won’t admit defeat until I curl up in the corner to die!).

I lasted the whole of the day even though at about 11am I really wanted to go home and very nearly asked to go home but as the girlie from UPS was coming to show me how to use the new system and stuff I really needed to hang on at least till she’d been and the labels had been done.

At about 4:30 pm my LM and The Big Cheese had a chat about whether I should be in tomorrow or not. The conclusion was made that I’d have tomorrow off and maybe have Wednesday off as well. Between then and the end of work there were various different things that happened that made me kinda glad to be having tomorrow off to get better. In our office we use Messenger to ask quick questions and stuff like that rather than clogging up email inboxes and stuff like that. I’d been talking to Rugby Boy as he’s in Paris with the International Sales guy for the next couple of days. 

I had gone back to doing my work between messages and a Messenger box appeared on the bottom of my screen – it was from one of the people in the office. I read it and it was words to the effect of “She’s ill too often….She doesn’t take care of herself”. It hurt because the first bit is true. When I was at school I was rarely ill – I’d go for like a year without being ill and then I’d have a bad cold or the flu. But since I married CJ I get ill so much more often. In the last 12 months I’ve had tonsillitis, a cold and what ever I’m going through now. I guess it could be worse this time last year I had a chest infection – I might ask how I can qualify for a flu jab. Both my parents are on Asthma inhalers my Mum had pneumonia (It took ages for them to diagnose it and at one point I freaked out because I thought it could be cancer – too much info from the internet is bad!)

Since G-ma went nearly a month ago I’ve been sleeping rubbish – the last few days have been worse as I wake up at like 4am have a coughing fit roll over and go back to sleep. It’s good that I’ve got tomorrow of as I can try and sleep and not do stuff.

Anyhoo so the message appeared and so between having a little cry and a cough I nearly threw up on Chatty Ali. 

I called the Doctors office on the way out of work to see if there was a possibility of getting an appointment before close of surgery but the lady on reception said it wasn’t possible but she could get me in to see the Prescribing Nurse in the morning (like a doctor but not). 

So I am watching ER for the first time in ages – except I’ve now watched like 5 episodes in a row!

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  1. Elle says:

    That’s horrible they were messanging about you – people can’t help getting sick! Grr at them!

    Hope you shake this off soon and get better!

  2. Miss Tiff says:

    Sorry you’re sick. Hope you get feeling better soon! 🙂 I’ve been going through the same thing lately where I keep getting sick a lot more often than I used to. It could have something to do with stress. If you’re stressed out more than you’re more likely to get ill a lot more. I heard that somewhere. I think my mom told me or something like that. Get plenty of rest!

    By the way found your blog when you decided to follow me on twitter. Like the blog and have added it to my reader! Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    • God's Rock Angel says:


      Thanks for the comment I’ve been and commented on your blog – I love the picture at the top!

      Han 🙂

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